Sportscar Market

Formula & Cars Maket

If you want to buy a racing car, you can find something super interesting !!
We are in connection with teams ready to SELL their cars, from any part of Europe including Italy. Here what is available :

  • Formula
    Fia Tatuus F.4 with engine
    Fia Tatuus Regional F.3 with Alfa Romeo engine or without
    Tatuus F. Renault 2.0
    Fia Dallara Fia 312 F3 (padel shift) and different engines
    Dallara 308 F3
    Fia Dallara Gp3, Gp2 (old F2) with engine include

  • Old F1 & F3
    on specific request and further conditions in addition

  • GT
    Gt3-4 or Gte on request
    Ferrari, Mercedes, Lambo, Porsche, Audi, Aston , Bentley, Bmw, Honda, Lotus

    any brand on request
  • Prototype
    Lmp3 – p2, Dallara and Ligier
    and the
    New SIN with engine CHEVROLET 6,2

Pictures & info available of any car with guarantee.
Possible Negotiation about spare partes and service. NOT included delivery-transport and customhouse costs.