This know-out at your disposal for the best racing career way, following these points:

  • Contracts Consulting & Legal Representation

  • Team Relations: to choose the best team. The top team (usually the most expensive) sometime is not the best choise.

  • Marketing support: I care about driver sponsors and the PR & Socials Net. To have a good PR is the base to be famous, excluding the results. I work with one of the largest image provider in the world, from traditional wire services like provides to newspapers, magazines and Internet clients with real-time coverage of news, celebrity and Reuters in Europe, Russia, Asia, South Africa and South America which receives 3.1 million unique visitors per month

  • Physical and Mental preparation  / ex F1 Alfa Romeo driver as coach in track in case.

  • Rent advisor for home/flat as base, for the racing time

  • Personal Website in multiple languages

  • Personal Logo & Merchandising

  • Simulator training

  • Helmet &  racing clothing partnerships