Case History

Case History

2020    Matevos Isaakyan 

Finally we start. We did join team Intereuropol in time for ELMS + Le Mans 24h , racing with the only Ligier Lmp2 .

2019   Tonio Liuzzi

TV magazine. Media relations for his restaurant in Milan #Penelope a Casa

2019  Esp F4 |  Filip Ugran

 # Filip Ugran becomes the First ever Rumanian driver to get a Pole of a FIA race. The only Rumanian to get 3 consecutive podiums of a FIA race weekend, and overall 2nd as EAST European driver to get 3 consecutive podiums/event. Same of Kvyat in past.

2019   F2    Matevos Isaakyan

After a long stop , losting his sponsor, he debuts in F2 racing in  the last two season meetings

@Montecarlo  2017   Alex Peroni

going to meet McLaren executive board

@Bologna  2016   Rio Haryanto

Lunch before to meet Lamborghini S.C. board

ITA F4 2015    Alex Peroni

Alex Peroni ‘s first podiums (@Imola and Misano) in single seater. News reported on first page of an important racing magazine.

@Abu Dabhi 2014

After 90′ of practice, the first striking interview with a big former F1 driver.

Abu Dabhi 2015   post season F1 test

 with Sauber

@grove (Uk)  WilliamsF1 

 Roberto Merhi

November 2014   I introduced Roberto to Williams to let be invited to test their simulator.

@Valencia | October 2014

  Adderly Fong tests#Sauber

 C31 , V8 Ferrari

400 km done to get  F1 Super License

F1 discovers a new driver of a new world region after two Chineses

@Valencia F1 test

Sharing the track with Ocon, testing Lotus 2012 V8 Renault.  First ever time also for him.

Great job thanks also to the legendary Josef Leberer support’s

@Hinwil   SauberF1 factory | October 2014

Meeting the team

Jorge Lorenzo 

Sponsor event 2013 @Milano

@Mugello F3 Ita   2012

Robert Visoiu #the youngest ever F3 race winner and first ever Rumenian Fia race winner. I hired him to join F3 Italian

2010 @Franciacorta track

Special event for  Piercarlo Ghinzani ‘s 40th racing anniversary.

F3 Team, Sponsors and media friends group

March 2010 @ Rome

F3  season presentation and new car sponsor livery in media event.

@Imola F3 ITA 2009 | Media & press meeting

me, the Company Owner and Piercarlo Ghinzani. Sponsor just found